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Planning Market Research

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Online Surveys and Market Research Services

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Online Market Research Services from Marketing Minds


By adopting a highly pragmatic, no-nonsense approach to market research, Marketing Minds Research helps you get to the customer insights and information you need, quickly and efficiently.

We are marketing consultants with specialist expertise in web-based market research. Our experience shows that this type of research yields excellent results, at minimum cost.

Advantages of Using Our Market Research Services

Being business people, we know the importance of getting results quickly without over-complicating things for you. You don't need any web-expertise and there's nothing to install on your systems; we can do everything for you.

We know how to get meaningful results. The principal consultants at Marketing Minds Research have a background in experimental psychology, where asking exactly the right questions is key to understanding the nuances of human behaviour and cognition. We have been writing questionnaires, designing surveys, and analysing results for over 10 years.

We are a great choice for online surveys. Read what makes us different.

Online market surveys and research services include:

To discuss how Marketing Minds may be able to help you, please contact us



An online market research agency who will tailor services to your precise needs

Marketing Minds Research is an online marketing and research agency based in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

We can do everything for you, including any or all of: research design, questionnaire writing, running the survey, results analysis, brochure-quality report creation, and results presentation.

We can handle the technical aspects, so there's no need for IT resources.


Our Phone Number

To discuss how Marketing Minds may be able to help you, please call us.


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