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About Marketing Minds Research

The Marketing Minds Research is part of Marketing Minds, a privately owned consulting business based in Sydney, Australia. We have strong capabilities in the area of online market research, customer surveys, and customer insights.

If you would like to contact us, perhaps to discuss a research project you have in mind, please use the Marketing Minds Research enquiry form.

Marketing Minds

Marketing Minds also provides free marketing ideas and information, via the Marketing Minds website, and commercial services (fee-based) which include design, management, and analysis of market research projects.

Please visit our main website for more information about Marketing Minds.

Marketing Minds Consulting Services

The HQ of Marketing Minds is in Sydney, NSW, Australia. We also provide Marketing Consulting Services for businesses focused on Australia, Asia Pacific, UK and the USA. Learn more about Marketing Minds Consulting - particularly if you agree with the marketing ideas on our website and would like help applying them to your business.






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