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Advantages of Web-Based Market Research

Online market research is especially effective where an organisation has an existing relationship with those being surveyed. Such web-based research can itself form part of a positive and interactive relationship with customers, business associates, and employees. Alternatively, there are a number of successful techniques for targeting non-customers.

Two overall advantages of conducting market research online are cost savings and the ability to generate results very quickly.

In addition to speed and cost savings,
web-based research:

  Is often the preferred method of interaction for the many people who use the internet regularly.   Conducting an Online Interview
  Gathers information from people when they are using an "intimate" media: the web.  

People feel they are in their own personal "space" online, so they are often much more revealing about their opinions, attitudes, and beliefs, which is particularly useful for consumer research work.

  Avoids the intrusion and disruption which phone surveys can create.
  Allows respondents to complete surveys whenever and wherever it is most convenient for them.
  Avoids gatekeepers who may screen-out paper-based surveys
  Is well suited to more sophisticated questionnaire designs, where questions asked depend on previous answers
  Enables randomisation of answer-choices (in multiple choice)
  Allows brief information (text, diagrams, photos, video, or podcasts) to be presented mid-survey, if required
  Avoids the costs of repeated contact attempts with phone surveys
  Gives greater consistency and control - avoids the danger of phone interviews being conducted by overseas students on working holidays












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