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Employee Opinion Research
Staff Engagement Surveys

What do your employees really think?
Our customised online research services can tell you.

Employee surveys and online market research from Marketing Minds Research


Employee opinion research and staff engagement surveys need sensitive handling.

Marketing Minds Research is a specialist online research agency based in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

We design and deploy employee surveys to meet your precise needs. This includes:

  • Employee attitude surveys
  • Staff engagement surveys
  • Staff retention surveys
  • New employee surveys
  • Staff satisfaction surveys
  • Employee opinion surveys

We provide as much (or as little!) as you need to successfully measure sentiment, morale, and aspirations among your staff.

Our employee survey services include: research design, questionnaire writing, running the survey online, results analysis, brochure-quality report creation, and results presentation. Use all or just a few of our services - whatever you need.

We work with your HR team to ensure you get informative and meaningful results. We handle all the technical aspects too, so there's no need for IT involvement or any technical knowledge on your part.

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Online staff surveys are the fastest, most economical employee research method.

The web is also the medium where people are prepared to reveal the most about what they really think.

It is great for both quantitative and qualitative employee research.

We know how to design great online questionnaires, deliver better insights, greater reliability, and a better interview experience through our professionally designed and deployed online surveys.

Online research is very cost-effective and can scale to your needs:

Survey several hundred employees as easily as interviewing a few dozen.



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We'd love to discuss how Marketing Minds may be able to help you.
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