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A Good Choice for Online Surveys:
What Makes Marketing Minds Research Different

Key advantages of using Marketing Minds for online surveys and web-based market research interviews are:

1. Meaningful questionnaires

Our consultants have a psychology background. From this, we know that getting people to express their true attitudes and beliefs about a subject depends on the ability of the research to be:

  • credible and relevant to the interviewee
  • structured so it closely resembles a conversation
  • unambiguous, particularly in what is being asked by each question
In particular, ambiguous questions that are not well thought-through can seriously erode the value of a survey. We design our online questionnaires to be meaningful to the interviewee, so everyone knows what is really being asked.

2. New online research technologies, for a compelling customer experience

The online tools we use are among the latest professional market research tools available (based on Java and Ajax programming techniques, for the technically-minded). For example, this enables our internet surveys to include multi-media elements, drag-and-drop responses, multiple question-flows depending on answers to previous questions, and randomised response options. Using such techniques, the surveys are easy to understand and quick for people answering the questions.

Because we do web-based research all the time we know how to get the best out of our survey tools - which is far better than you (or your assistant) trying to figure out how to use some online survey-builder you might find on the web.

Also, apart from being helpful in getting good information from customers, a professionally-designed survey can also make your business look good!

3. Branded and Custom-Designed Surveys

We can fully-meet the needs of companies who wish to extend their branding into the look and feel of a survey.

We go far beyond just incorporating logos and other brand identities: we will carry a brand's colour schemes, graphical elements, links to corporate privacy policies, legals, and graphic styles throughout the survey.

We make each survey an extension of your brand's customer experience.

4. Expert analysis of market research results

Asking questions is one thing. Knowing what the answers are telling you is another. We have been analysing and interpreting market research data from consumer research for over ten years. We can tell you what can be relied on for decision-making and what is probably just a statistical fluke.

Without presenting over-complicated results, we are able to reveal often surprising customer insights. We are particularly skilled at explaining results from the customer's perspective.

5. We take care of everything for you

We tailor our services to your specific research needs, including any or all of: research design, questionnaire writing, running the survey, results analysis, brochure-quality report creation, and results presentation.

We handle all the technical aspects too, so there's no need for IT involvement.

To discuss how Marketing Minds may be able to help you:
please contact us.




What makes us different at Marketing Minds Research



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To discuss how Marketing Minds may be able to help you:
Please contact us





Client Feedback:

Yahoo! Search Marketing

I engaged with Marketing Minds to conduct 3 online satisfaction surveys for different audiences of Yahoo! Search Marketing Australia.

I cannot rate Marketing Minds highly enough.

After seeking out a few quotes initially, Market Mind’s pricing was very competitive, and the service I received in terms of survey design, execution and the end report exceeded my expectations at every stage.

The research has been used in our business to identify our competitive advantage, realise areas for improvement and set priorities for the next year.

The research has given us true insight into the satisfaction of our partners and clients which only autonomous market research can really deliver.

We plan to conduct this research annually and would not hesitate to use Marketing Minds again.

Marketing Executive
Yahoo! Search Marketing
May 2008





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