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Procurement and Review Panel Surveys

Need to gather views on an evaluation or proposal?

procurement and evaluation panel surveys

Collaborative - Efficient - Confidential

Evaluations can involve many different stakeholders, sometimes spread across several locations or time-zones, perhaps even speaking different languages. This can make collaboration difficult - especially where complex proposals are involved.

Marketing Minds Research can tailor online evaluation and survey tools to your exact requirements. Working with your core team, we develop a structured information presentation and response gathering process.

We can incorporate reference to any online materials, enable download of documents, and incorporate video presentations, illustrations and other reference information.

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Online procurement and panel surveys enable improved collaboration and better decisions.

The web is also the medium where people are prepared to reveal the most about what they really think.

It is great for both quantitative and qualitative issues research.

Marketing Minds Research know how to deliver accurate insights, greater reliability, and a better interview experience through our professionally designed and deployed online surveys.

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