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Why is the online survey needed?

Before embarking on any form of market research, it is important to have thought through the reasons for investing time and money in the research.

These may include:

  1. Investment
    The business currently has insufficient facts on which to base investment decisions (whether small, such as which colours to use in new packaging; or large, such as what new product technologies to invest in).

Online market research - what are your priorities?
Objectives should be
established right at start of each
market research project.

  1. Change
    An existing marketplace is changing, and the business needs to track these changes in order to maintain its alignment with customer (or channel) needs and preferences.

  2. Comprehension
    An unexpected situation has been discovered, where the business needs to establish facts and root-cause.

  3. Governance
    Verification from independent evidence is needed to support decisions already made.

  4. Education
    New managers need to "level-set" their own knowledge with that of the business and/or competitors.

  5. Positioning
    The business needs to publicise research data so it is seen as aligning itself and/or furthering insight into some matter of public concern.

  6. Publicity
    The business needs to collect data to share as "news" to maintain relevancy and interest among the press and/or investors.

Clearly managers will regard some of these purposes as demanding greater rigor and trustworthiness than others. Additionally, it can be said that the more "disputable" an assertion or decision is within a business, the greater level of proof is required of it's advocates.

Organizational politics may also play a role here - for example, a great deal of factual evidence may need to be presented to a decisive CEO who has already made up his or her mind. Similarly, where "transparency of decision making" is important (or where the downside of failure is large), managers may find it helpful to conduct research to substantiate the "objectivity" of decisions.










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